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My Clinical Approach

I utilize a holistic lifestyle approach, integrating body and mind, to help you heal and thrive without pain, stress, or dysfunction.

My approach includes a combination of movement-based therapy, lifestyle behavior change, cognitive/mindfulness therapy, nutrition coaching, somatic tracking, manual therapy (therapeutic massage, joint manipulation, visceral manipulation, dry-needling, myofascial cupping) and educational interventions personalized to the individual to address pain, stress, and body dysfunction.


All of the interventions and techniques provided are backed by a strong understanding of the science of movement, pain, stress, neurobiology, sensorimotor function, motor development, somatic tracking, nutrition, self-regulation, immune function, and the biopsychosocial model. This emphasis on the latest scientific evidence, clinical expertise, and most importantly patient values allows me to provide personalized care to a broad spectrum of physical and psychosomatic issues.


This biopsychosocial approach to healing challenges the typical cookie-cutter, biomedical model of surgery, injections, and pain medication. My approach to client care takes into consideration not only your physical pain/dysfunction, but also the psychosocial aspects that influence health and well-being – truly treating the whole person.


I have great interest in working with complex clients who were failed by the biomedical model and now feel "stuck". I also have a passion for assisting clients in optimizing health and performance.


As part of my commitment to my clients and my profession, I am constantly pursuing continuing education and reading the latest literature in health and wellness. I remain committed to staying at the forefront of the health industry. My mission is to empower individuals to restore a vital, pain-free life. This passion and curiosity is what drives me to assist clients in reaching their goals and in turn to build upon the knowledge passed along to me.

My Approach: Welcome
Image by Chris Brignola

Pillars of Health


Movement is Medicine! Exercise is quite literally Nature's "magic pill". Establishing a daily movement practice improves strength, balance, mobility, stress, immune function, mood, metabolism, sleep, brain function, gut health, and so much more! There is no other drug on the planet that can provide the immediate and long-lasting effects of physical activity. Plus, it can be completely free! So get out there and get your daily dose of movement!


Here's some food for thought (and function). The nutrients you eat affects everything in your body, from muscular and cognitive performance to immune function. What you put in your body is crucial in maintaining a resilient life. Proper nutrition promotes well-being by giving the body the nutrients it needs to support healing and growth. Healthy nutrition has more impact than you may think. Research continues to show the positive effects sound nutrition can have on healing chronic pain, arthritis, migraines, skin irritation, gut dysfunction, and a variety of other chronic diseases.


One of the most common questions I receive is what recovery tools can I buy to help heal my body and improve health? Well, the answer is pretty simple, and guess what, you probably already own it. It's your bed! We have the most powerful recovery tool hard wired into our DNA -- getting a good night of sleep! A restful night provides our body with an environment to recover, repair, and restore cellular function. It's also the time when the majority of our growth and healing factors are released.  So, instead of buying the fancy recovery tools, take the time to fine tune your sleep hygiene. Your body will thank you!


Similar to nutrition and sleep, mindfulness has a growing body of literature showing it's benefits in promoting healing and overall well-being. Yes, Mindfulness is a very broad term. It ranges from a variety of meditation practices and complex breath-work techniques, to simply taking a moment out of your busy day to check in with your body. I like to define mindfulness as the ability to self-regulate our nervous system between states of pain, stress, or threat to calm, yet alert. Or, simply put, the ability to feel, without overwhelm.


Human beings are innately a social species. It's engrained in our DNA. From birth, we rely on our mothers to assist and guide us in regulating our bodily function and emotions. This support system grows as we age to family and friends -- a social tribe. The community we create acts as a support system not just for us socially, but also for our internal immune and nervous systems. Just like nutrition, these social connections act as fuel to strengthen mind and body. Healthy social connections in times of need lead to the release of neurotransmitters that boost immune function, reduce pain, and fortify a sense of safety within the body when dealing with acute or chronic pain, stress, or dysfunction. Behavior change and growth in regards to movement, nutrition, sleep, and mindfulness cannot reach its full potential without a healthy social circle.

On that note...

Welcome to my social circle that supports YOU and your health journey!

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