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Who do I work with? What do I treat? How can I help? And, why you should care!

Let's start with the "Why". The human body has an amazing capacity to heal. Sometimes it just needs a push in the right direction -- a guide to support you in self-healing. Navigating the typical biomedical health model can be stressful, especially when in pain. Often times this experience leads to "bandaids" being put on the issue, instead of finding true solutions to your problems. Health and healing should be an empowering experience where the individual gains a sense of agency over their wellness and behaviors.

"The first wealth is health" - Ralph Waldo Emerson

I utilize a holistic lifestyle approach, integrating body and mind, to help you heal and thrive without pain, stress, or dysfunction.

Point Lobos State Natural Preserve - Carmel-By-The-Sea, CA -- Spring 2021

My approach includes a combination of movement-based therapy, lifestyle behavior change, cognitive/mindfulness therapy, nutrition coaching, somatic tracking, manual therapy (therapeutic massage, joint manipulation, visceral manipulation, dry-needling, myofascial cupping), and educational interventions personalized to the individual to address pain, stress, and body dysfunction.

All of the interventions and techniques provided are backed by a strong understanding of the science of movement, pain, stress, neurobiology, sensorimotor function, motor development, somatic tracking, nutrition, self-regulation, immune function, and the biopsychosocial model. This emphasis on the latest scientific evidence, clinical expertise, and most importantly patient values allows me to provide personalized care to a broad spectrum of physical and psychosomatic issues.

This biopsychosocial model to healing challenges the typical cookie-cutter, biomedical approach of surgery, injections, and pain medication. My approach to client care takes into consideration not only your physical pain/dysfunction, but also the psychosocial aspects that influence health and well-being – truly treating the whole person.

I have great interest in working with complex cases who were failed by the biomedical model and now feel "stuck. I also a passion for assisting clients in optimizing health and performance.

In my clinical career, I have been fortunate to work in many diverse and enlightening settings. These unique professional experiences, a constant pursuit of continuing education, and expert mentorship have helped evolve my clinical approach to be more holistic and client-centered. My practice is based on the health pillars of movement, nutrition, sleep, mindfulness, and community.

Throughout my career I have worked with clients across the lifespan from 8 years old to 106, who were recovering from a wide range of issues such as orthopedic dysfunction/surgery, neurological degenerative conditions, chronic pain, sports performance, cardiopulmonary dysfunction, cancer, trauma, motor vehicle accidents, chronic falls, and end of life care… so mostly anything related to physical and stress-related issues/pain. This diverse client population -- weekend warriors, grandparents looking to keep up with grandkids, young professionals looking for a health change, business executives seeking longevity, professional athletes, and those “stuck” individuals who have exhausted all options and labeled as “failed patients” -- proved formative in developing my clinical approach. The one common denominator in assisting these clients in healing: empowering individuals through a holistic lifestyle approach, integrating body and mind to promote a vital, pain-free life.

As part of my commitment to my clients and my profession, I am constantly pursuing continuing education and reading the latest literature in health and wellness. I remain committed to staying at the forefront of the health industry. My mission is to empower individuals to restore a vital, pain-free life. This passion and curiosity is what drives me to assist clients in reaching their goals and in turn to build upon the knowledge passed along to me.

Thank you for your interest in health and performance!



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