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The human body is more resilient than you may think -- Part II

If you missed Part I of this series be sure to give it a read.

The first part of this blog discussed the negative effects of our current system's messaging toward pain and dysfunction. I plan to continue writing about the science of pain, how our current medical system fails to address it appropriately, and most importantly what are actionable tools to decrease pain and improve function. I have trouble leaving any conversation without an optimistic outlook, so I thought I’d end with sharing the meaning behind the picture of this powerful plant!

I know this may seem a little "woo woo" but I thought it was too good not to share.

I pass by this budding plant every morning on my walk. It caught my eye at first, but I never thought much of it. As the weeks passed, I found myself cheering more and more for its success on breaking through the pavement.

The other day I stopped to take a picture and realized 3 things:

  1. Nature is pretty darn RESILIENT! Every single day nature is dealt obstacles... some more significant than others. Droughts, hurricanes, extreme heat, frigid cold, tornadoes, landslides, ice storms, strong wind, wildfires... or in the case of this little cactus it was dealt a pretty tough hand of 3+ inches of black tar. Yet, for this plant the only way out was through. This picture demonstrates how resilient nature can be! Under harsh conditions (minimal sunlight and water) this plant reached a point where it can now be appropriately nourished and rewarded with optimal sunlight and water.

  2. Guess what... YOU are a part of NATURE. Therefore, YOU are RESILIENT! The capacity is already within you! (what is that... the transitive property?) Even in the harsh conditions of chronic stress, poor sleep, dopamine devices, anxiety, pain, and horrible food culture, our body has the capacity to make a change, adapt and become resilient. The black tar engrained in the human world can be overcome. You just have to give your body the support it requires: good nutrition, quality sleep, consistent movement, balanced mindset, and rich human connection.

  3. I am a dork who stops to take pictures of plants fighting for their life against a piece of pavement!

Thanks for reading and, more importantly, taking interest in your health!



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